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Skilled handcrafted work with decades of experience. We use the best materials to produce quality woven fabrics.

THE END RESULT determines everything

That is why we only use the best materials and skilled experts to maintain the quality of all our products for customer satisfaction because we believe high quality is a reflection of professional self, and we would like to thank customers who have entrusted their woven fabric products to us .
Tenun Jepara

Tenun Baron

Tenun Baron is a premium class woven fabric with a simple but elegant motif that creates a luxurious impression. the fabric is very soft, thin, smooth and dense.


Tenun blanket is like what you might imagine, namely a blanket. According to the characteristics of this woven cloth it is rather thick, warm and similar to a blanket. Although it is a little thicker than other types of weaving, it is still comfortable to wear because the material is soft and charming.

tenun re-woven

Tenun rewoven is not a used cloth that is woven again but is a fabric that has been woven twice. So it is very suitable for clothes because it is smooth, cool, and not too thick.

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We provide a wide selection of products with various attractive motifs and choices. If there is anything you want to ask about our products, please contact us. 

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